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We’ve submitted many watercolor backgrounds. However, we still have many more to offer you. And in this pack, we offer what we named ghosted abstract watercolor background. This collection ain’t like the other mediocre watercolor backgrounds. The watercolor stroke is brushed smoothly to build a transparent impression within. That’s why we named it ghosted because it’s faded like the ghost.

This ghosted abstract watercolor background is created with almost full transparency in a certain part and bold in other parts. Those make this collection somehow suitable for copy space. We created this background collection carefully to make captivating artwork for you.

This collection consists of 5 backgrounds. Each has a different color and is captivating. Using this background can push any design to show its best. It could be a poster, flyer, social media post with quotes, and others. If you are interested in this ghosted abstract watercolor background.

You will get a ZIP (16MB) file